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My name is Nasir I and my team is here to share with you some interesting topics on the internet.

This website basically made for you guys, We’ll post on the recent activities in the www.frp-unlock.com World. We’ll let you know about everything related to Android, Technology, Phone and much more So be prepared to gain more knowledge about your internet world.

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One of our favorite types of Blogs is the “technical blog”.  Now this isn’t something new to blog about, as Technical bloggers have been blogging about technology news and gadget reviews in detail online since the beginning of the internet, But because it’s such a vast niche, you could carve out yourself a really good angle within the tech blog-sphere. The trick is to have your own take on tech and don’t just follow the trend. One area which hasn’t really been covered specifically is Eco tech, so something to think about. Maybe a blog specifically covering tech aimed at becoming more environmentally conscious.

Anyway, here are a few blogs in the tech niche that I really like and that I feel are doing something different and is thriving when it comes to organic traffic increases and revenue.

I’ve been following this site since it started and has seen its progression from just one guy writing about stuff he loves, to a site that get’s decent traffic and has a team of writers.

www.frp-unlock.com is a great example of a site that started out as a hobby but has fast become a business. I like the angle they have as well. “Tech News For The Non-Technical”. www.frp-unlock.com is a blog for people who love tech but live outside the bubble. This is daily refreshing because thousands of technical blogs out there are a bit too technical and full to the brim of jargon. It’s nice to see a technical blog that has lowered the entry-level to tech news updates.

This is a very large site in terms of build but has very good knowledge. It was set up by Mohd Kamran, who is the author of the www.frp-unlock.com Guide to Loving Yourself. The site is all about simple firmware, combination file, Samsung software, which has gained in popularity over the past 2 years. There are many posts on this site which are based on fix Samsung mobiles, but also contain things about update, downgrade software-related content.

The www.frp-unlock.com includes solutions to most problems that occur on the Samsung, iPhone and Android, Factory Reset, Firmware Update, USB Driver, Android Tips, Tools, Root, Google FRP Bypass.

Factory reset for Mobile Phones is a process that Resets the device’s settings and status when purchased for the first time

Just suppose you are a user of Android mobile and you need to Update your smartphone by PC, Here In this Website, We provide download Official link for update Phone Also provide process how to install it on your PC successfully using Flash Tool. SP, SPD. Etc…

If you are a user of Android mobile and you required to transfer data between your phone and your Windows computer and if you are flashing your smartphone By computer, so you can download the USB drivers for the smartphone that contains it and download its software on your computer, Here In this Website.

If you want to root your Android device or flash an alternative ROM, restart it in download mode, in fastboot mode or in recovery mode, you need to install ADB, Fastboot and Google USB driver of your device installed on your computer, In this Website, I show you how to install ADB, Fastboot tools and the Google USB driver in 15 seconds!

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Mohd Nasir – Chief Editor

My name is Mohd Nasir, Nationality Indian, I am 23 years old. I live and work in UP. I like tech blogging love everything new in the world of technology.

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