One click FRP bypass by alnajat team download


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Download One click frp bypass by alnajat team

How to use Aalnajat FRP tool for computer

First of all, you have got to download a T tester and extract it anyplace on your pc and run this program. you have got to attach your locked device via data cable. you have got to install the Samsung USB driver subsequently your device should be shown within the device manager.

Download Technocare.apk FRP unlock

Now you have got to go looking port in AT Command tester and make a call on any customer care number. currently, in your mobile phone there’ll be a call screen now cut the call and open message application and sort and send it to any number once send currently click on the send it link it’ll open up chrome browser now you have got to transfer AlNajat FRP toll now install this application into your device.

After flash IMEI & baseband ‘Unknown’ or putting in memory

After putting in this application it’ll show you some range like three hundred 121 2730 to repeat all numbers and click on next screen realize it will open calculator now type number here once you type this number on your calculator it will open a window now type code here *#8080#

Download the latest version from Google Account Manager APK 7.1.2 to 4.0

Now you have got to pick ADB option it’ll be below on the screen and click on the report then your device is remote automatically. currently once rebooting the device it’ll be connected to the pc now open ADB FRP unlock tool and run the command after the command completed now reboot your device are unlocked with success.