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Technocare.apk FRP unlock

Download Technocare tricks FRP Bypass. technocare apk is working on all android 7.0 7.1.1 and 7.1.2. By this application, you can bypass frp lock on Samsung, LG, Mi, HTC. This solution is tested and working without any error in Samsung 2018 security if old method of frp bypassing failed. no need to download big sized of combination and flash file for now..

Technocare tricks FRP Bypass

This is an application by which you can unlock the FRP lock. steps are given in the step by step. Download this APK and put into sd card before starting FRP unlocking process to save time and no need to flash with Samsung combination

  1. FRP bypass 2018 technocare apk
  2. Apex launcher
  3. Go to settings and disable google account manager and google play services also disable find my device from administrator settings.
  4. Now install the technocare apk
  5. Add new Gmail account

Download Technocare tricks FRP Bypass


Step by step Bypass FRP Technocare tricks

You can see this device is locked by FRP. this is a Samsung mobile but this process will also work for other mobiles like LG, Mi, Oppo, Vivo.

Step 1 -Fist try to press the volume down and up keys together for tun on talkback.

Step 2 -If volume down and up keys not enable the talkback option. Use two fingers for 10 seconds.

Step 3 – After turn on talkback option. Create L gesture to get talkback options and select talkback option.

Step 4 – Turn off talkback by pressing volume up and down key. Now go to feedback option select it.

Step 5 – Now select get started it will show you a video click on the video.

Step 5 – click on the circle and open youtube it will open a chrome browser.

Step 6 – Go to and download Apex launcher and install. after installing apex launcher open settings.

Step 7 – After open settings go to device administrator and deactivate “find my device”

Step 8 – Go to app manager and disable google account manager

Step 9 – Also disable the google play services.

Step 11 – Now download the Technocare apk from and install the Technocare tricks apk

Step 12 – After installing the Technocare tricks enable the google account manager and google play services

Step 13 – At the last reboot the device. the device has been unlocked

For this method of frp bypass, you don’t need a pc can now bypass google account lock without pc in Samsung 2018 models, you can watch a full tutorial on this video. download tecnocare apk and apex launcher and enjoy easy frp unlocking ..

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