How to bypass Google verification on Galaxy S6, S7 Edge Android-N

How to bypass Google verification on Galaxy S6, S7 Edge Android-N Whenever you turn on your mobile after a welcome screen, you see a message that “unauthorized attempts have been made to reset your device to factory default Settings,. Connect to a mobile network. “, This message appears repeatedly, you can not move forward in this situation, how to get rid of this message, and get Google verification How this process I’ll show you the Ipas account Note to Worth: In case you’ve a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge [Verizon] device, then click the link below to bypass the FRP in only 5 minutes. Simply pass Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge [Verizon] in 5 minutes Let’s start with the Google verification bypass: Click “ok” from the error message screen.

Connect your device to Wi-Fi, and then click on “Next ➔ Next ➔ Agree”, then wait 2 minutes for the connection to check.


Step: Now, it will show, there you’ll have to enter your “, email address and password” and on this step you’re unable to move forward, the next option does not work, so let’s fix it “verify your account” To fix this problem, we need some files and drivers to download, you need to download some files in your “computer/PC or laptop”, and you’ll see “data for this method Ebl + requires a computer. ” After the “SIM card” signal above your Samsung device screen corner, insert an active “SIM card” in your mobile, let’s go for the next step. Download and Install software in your PC: カ Samsung USB Driver [Download] (Remove from WinRAR, and Install USB Driver) ☁Realterm: Serial / TCP [Download] (unInstall both the options and remove the realtime in your pc, uncheck both options, “read me, register” will appear at the end of the Installation of this software.)

ok, so Now, you’ve successfully Installed both the software for bypassing Google verification Open Realtorum as Administrator, (Right-Click on the software logo, and run as administrator) “Right-Click on” My computer “and then click” Manage “from the left side of the” Device Manager “and” Connect with your computer via your data cable “and then see , “Modem” will show the Samsung port shown in the (find below screenshot). Google verification bypass, S6 bypass account, S7 bypass, Android-by-Bypass account After that, the “Right-Click” device is a comm port, and you can better understand.

Google verification bypass, S6 bypass account, S7 bypass, Android-by-Bypass account Now the new window will appear on your screen, from the reverse tab seeing there, click on it that will be of 2 tab “modem” and then note the “port com” number, what’s coming with the port comm comm mine is coming ” Port COM6 “means 6 digits, I’ll place this number in the” Realtor Port “box, see the (find below screenshot) Google verification bypass, S6 bypass account, S7 bypass, Android-by-Bypass account Now click on the “Miscellaneous” tab from “Realterm window” and then “Setup” from the left side in realterm and then see “3 should be on the green light”, which you can go down,

Google verification bypass, S6 bypass account, S7 bypass, Android-by-Bypass account And then copy this command without colon “go + craig? \ R \ n” and go to the reel and click “send acsii”

Step: Now, repeat the same process, copy this command to “atd198; \ r \ n” and paste it in the same place where you paste the first command and click on “send ASNDII” Google verification bypass, S6 bypass account, S7 bypass, Android-by-Bypass account

Note: In the 1985 command, the number, which is the “customer care number,” you can give your second number In case you wish. After clicking on the “Send ASCII” button, it will call the emergency number “198” from your device.

Step: Now, wait till the call is picked up, after which you’ll have “swipe option”.

Step: Just swipe the screen on the right side, after that you’ll be able to see the “Internet” icon. Tap on “Internet icon”, and then tap the “Chrome” icon to open “Google Chrome Browser” (see (find below screenshot)).

Note: In case the calling screen has a slide, then leave the second method, and then post the article after this second method. Second method: In case the calling screen is not slide:

Step: Call from your mobile now. After the disconnecting call, you’ve a few options.

Step: Tap is “Even Icon,” which looks like “Calendar icon”, will appear on number 3.

Step: After that, create an event for “Create an Event”, “Date option, where current date is written (date) written like this, In case you’re unable to see the (find below screenshot), click” click ” And then give time, the event set next to the next 2 or 5 minutes, after 5 minutes, the meaning is, the event should be on the timeline, show the notification as a warning, and “event” should be on time, click “Timely, Notification” Event Scr From no, select “Notes on time”, then click on “”, and enter the URL there, “”, and then click on “Date Field” again, and there you’ll see ” Start and End “option, just click, then click on” Save “to click on” Start “, wait till you set it to show up.

Oppo F5 Youth Firmware CPH1725_11_A.06_171111.rar

Google verification bypass, S6 bypass account, S7 bypass, Android-by-Bypass account Once displayed on your mobile screen, tap the tab on “Details”, and then “URL” which you’ve given in “Notes”, Now, you’ll be asked to open this URL with the browser, then tap ” Google Chrome “, In case you don’t have one, then select any one you have. Google verification bypass, S6 bypass account, S7 bypass, Android-by-Bypass account So In case it was 2 method, 1 method, In case you did not work for you then you can use “Google Chrome” by using this 2 method so that both the method aims at bringing “Google Chrome” or the Internet Browser. , From which you can download and Install software in your mobile for bypassing Google verification.

Both methods will take you to Google Chrome Step: Internet Browser:

Step: In your Google Chrome browser, In case you’re asked to enter your Gmail ID, tap on “Thank you”. Google “Download Instant Shortcut Maker” in FRP Pangu Tools, and then search results from 1 to 1, that’s why after downloading “go”, and also download “Google Account Manager 6.1.2 and 5.0 1 / 5.1.1 “You need the software given below to complete the Google verification bypass.

Download the software in your mobile: Quick Quick Creator [download] Google Account Manager 6.1.2 [download] Google Account Manager 5.0.1 / 5.1.1 [download] Once you’ve downloaded all the above software in your mobile, you’ll see a notification, downloaded on the bottom of your mobile screen, after downloading the downloaded manager, and so, In case this option appeals on your mobile screen below then On the tab “Open”, it will take you to all your “Download Software List” to set them all, “Quick Shortcut Maker and Google Account Manager” because I Any switch to be asked to download your mobile suite, Version 2.

In case “OPEN” option is not visible at the bottom of your mobile screen, then follow this second method to bring that option. Another way to get the “Open” option is to:

Step: type “Samsung Galaxy App” on your address bar “Samsung Galaxy app” on Chrome and search, after that it will open the search result for 1, which will be from Samsung website, tap “as shown in the (find below screenshot) After taping “Samsung Galaxy app”, you’ll be taken to “Terms and Conditions” and tap “Agree” from there, again tap the “Galaxy app” “Search”, the search bar, type “ES -Fix the Explorer Now, on the file that in your mobile the EU file explorer “, you’ll be asked for your Samsung account”, and then the file explorer once appeares me in search, then tap “, so In case you don’t need it In case you must have your account Samsung, firstly apply this process to the “ES Explorer File” app to download “Create your account from Samsung Samsung website” then download.

Once the Installation finishes, open the ES-file explorer, and there you’ll see many folders, so choose the “Download” folder from them, and then from there you can see all your download software, “Installing” Quickshort Maker “on the lock And after that screen and security unknown sources “tab, also allow” “, and then Install the Quick Shortcut Maker, after that, on the Installation finishes, you’ll see” open “there, then t “Open Shortcut Creator”.

Now you set up “Google Account Manager” as well, you don’t know about Google Accounts for your account, so both -5.0.1 / 5.1.1 and 6.1.2 also strive together, among them Anyone from you’ll work for you.

Note: In case you get the Installation block, then from there click on “Settings,” to tap “Unknown sources” on the tap, Now, tap “Install ➔ Completed”, Now, again go to “Quick Short Creator”.

One click frp bypass by alnajat team download

Step: Tap “Open Quick Shortcut Maker ➔ Install”.

Step: Then “Google Account Manager”, Now, thats after you’ll see “Google Account Manager’s list” there, tap on, type “email and password” and locate one of them and type tap on it, So this is where the option, we can process the Google verification bypass process. Trying “Tap” last stage: Restart your device and your device will work as normal, you can access all the options on your mobile. Thank you for making this solution batter for others, In case our post really helped to bypass your device, comment below. See also: Bypass the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge [Verizon] in 5 minutes. No otg, no pc, no file download bypass google account Verification on Moto G3 and Moto G4 Plus bypass google account Verification on Samsung Galaxy J5 bypass google account Verification on Samsung Galaxy J500 F Sharing is caringSo, Share it on Social Media

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