How to transfer data from mobile to PC without data cable


How to transfer data from mobile to PC without data cable This is a very easy and easy way to move data, you’ve Installed a software that’s a very famous software with the name “Shareit” is a simple download and after Installing this software, this software will be able to get your “Android Mobile And PC “, you just open this software in both the computer and in your mobile.

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Caution: In case your computer or laptop and your mobile are not on the same network, this means on LAN, you’ll not be able to share your data between your mobile in PC, so first make sure that your mobile and laptop On the same network after which you can easily transfer data.

Transfer data from mobile to PC using Shareit APP:

Install “Share” on both Laptop laptops / PCs and Mobile After that, open “share” on the bot device In case you want to move data from mobile to PC Tap “Send” and select which file you want to transfer.

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Step: you’ve 2 options (1. scan mobile for PC 2. Scan the QR code So just select one of them, In case you choose scan mobile on PC, then select the same option in PC share, In case there is a screen like search,

it means that it’s on “Scan Mobile on PC” In case there are codes like QR codes, then choose the second option from the mobile, which is a “scan QR code” and take your mobile camera to your PC / laptop screen so that your mobile can be read in that code Once this process is finished, it means that you’re Now, ready to transfer your data, and the share speed of moving data is faster than any other app, so I like this app. .

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See some (find below screenshot) for more instructions:

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