How To Easily Fix Xiaomi Mi5 On The Heating Issue


How To Easily Fix Xiaomi Mi5 On The Heating Issue There is a very common problem in Xiaomi mi5 and this problem is also getting hot while using low Battery consumption apps.


I’m going to share some tricks with you, through which you can solve your Xiaomi Mi5 heating issue, In case Also, after following these tricks, In case your mobile gets hot, then it’s better to claim your mobile on the warranty at the center of the service to check that your device is especially Oi is a hardware problem or not.

Let’s try some of these tricks to solve the heating issue of Xiaomi mi5:

First move:

Condere on your charger, you may be using a third party charger for your mobile, because the third party and the Xiaomi Mi5 original charger can have voltageproblems.

Second move:

Use the Background Killer app, I’d suggest you Install the “Advanced Task Killer” by the App Store, this app will help you to kill background apps to Install from “Google Play Store”.

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The third move:

Another famous app that’s called “CPU Cooler Master-Phone” by Pico Design, so Install this app and see results. Fourth move While mobile charging never runs games or browsing apps, or where lots of power is required.

5th Move:

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The last attempt is to reset my mobile, I’m talking about “factory reset” but before resetting your phone, make sure you got a backup of your mobile data and contacts. I hope these tricks resolve your mobile Xiaomi MI5 on the heating issue. Sharing is caringSo, Share it on Social Media

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