Microsoft Windows 10 Timeline Feature Update Delayed

Microsoft Windows 10 Timeline Feature Update Delayed Microsoft is unable to launch the Windows 10 timeline feature on its time, and there will be no updates in the relevant Windows 10 timeline feature, the timeline was designed to allow Windows 10 users so that they can easily get between the number of devices Switch, like Android, and iOS phones.

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While Windows 10 testers expected to try the time for Fall Creator updates, Microsoft has confirmed that it’s delayed the timeline in its next major Windows 10 update.

Microsoft Update, Timeline Feature, Fall Creator Update, Windows 10 This Microsoft executive Joe Bellfior has said, “Timeline Fall Creators will not be in the update,” “we’re planning to be in the initial interiors soon after the fall creator is out.

” Microsoft is launching its Windows 10 Fall Creator Update by September, and the company is Now, testing the final features with Windows Insiders.

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Then the next major Windows 10 update should come in March 2018. The timeline will allow you to effectively choose to leave Windows 10 devices and iOS and Android phones.

The convenience of continuing the apple in iOS and MacOS will be very fast to move from one machine to another, and this is not the first time that Microsoft is offering its facility in Windows 10. Microsoft was planning to integrate its people, creators update at the beginning of this year, but the company delayed the Fall Creators update until March 2018.

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