Soft reset and hard reset Galaxy J4 (SM-J400) 2018 device unlock pattern


This method is about resetting the hard Galaxy J4 and also Soft Reset are very helpful for any Android device of these two options, you’ve forgotten your device password, PIN, pattern lock, you back your device just In case difficult it can be obtained by reset, then follow the steps below to reset / reset your device.

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Caution: Before you reset the hard GALAXY J4, make sure that you’ve your Gmail address in the account, this is the reason, affiliate with your J4 device because you’ve hard reset after logging into that Gmail account Will be asked to make.

Let’s start the Hard Reset Galaxy J4:

Step: Turn off your device. Press J and press (Power + Volume UP key + Home key) until you see the “Samsung J4 logo” on your J4 device screen. Screen After viewing the “Samsung Galaxy J4 Logo” on your screen, release key (find below screenshot).

Step: Wait a few seconds Now, your device will automatically log in Android recovery mode.

Step: Once you enter “Android Recovery Mode,” you’ll see several options.

Step: Pressing the (Volume Down) key, go to the “Erase the data / factory reset” option.

Step: Afterwards, press (Power key) to select the “Delete data / factory reset” option. Hard Choose “Yes” on your hard reset device (find below screenshot). Hard Reset Galaxy J4 Hard Reset Galaxy J4 SM-J400 Unlock Password J4, Factory Data Reset J4 Samsung Galaxy J4 Hard Reset Method, Remove Pattern Lock Galaxy J4, Soft J4 Reset, Soft Reset Galaxy J4 2018 Android Enter in Recovery Mode J4, Galaxy J4 Android Recovery Mode

Step: Now, your device will be reset to hard, wait until it finishes. After that, you’ll have the option of “reboot system now”, just press the power key to reboot your device. Congratulations, you can add your new password, pattern and PIN lock in your J4 device, after hard reset the Galaxy J4 smartphone, Now, complete the initial setup successfully reset, and get your device back.

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Let’s Reset Soft Soft J4 Device:

Step: Go to your device “Settings,

Step: Then, go to “General Management”

Step: There you’ll see a “reset” option, just tap it.

Step: There you’ll be 3 below option ! reset setting. !! Reset network Settings,. !!! Factory data reset. Select any of the options you need, and then tap the “Reset” button to soft reset your device.

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Note: Factory data reset will erase all your data and you should only use this option In case your device is running very slow, or you’re facing any heating issue, or you’ve bugs in your device, or Want to remove all your data Sharing is caringSo, Share it on Social Media

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