What does the MTP mode mean and how do you set up the phone?

This option is available in Xperia Mobile or another Android mobile, this option means that whenever you connect your mobile / computer to your mobile via data cable, such options like MTP mode and mass storage mode Sony Xperia see on mobile, and many of them are unknown to this option, there are two types of options in Xperia.

Step 1 MTP mode (Media transfer mode) his type of protocol, we use to transfer our mobile internal storage data, internal storage means that the storage of your mobile is 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, each type of storage of each Android mobile Comes with, internal storage is called build memory

Step 2 MSC mode (mass storage mode) This type of mode is used when you need to move your mobile SD card data to your computer or laptop, but when you select this MSC mode, you can transfer data from your mobile internal storage Therefore, these two options are used, the first option is to transfer data from internal storage, and the second MSC mode SD card data is used to transfer computers from external memory.

How to select these modes in your mobile:

Go to X Xperia “Settings,” Tap on X “Xperia Connectivity” Tap on USB “USB Connectivity” mXperia, Xperia MTP Mode, MSC Mode, Mass Storage Mode, Sony Tap on USB “USB Connection Mode”

Step: With USB connection mode, you’ll see 2 options in the pop window, 1: Media Transfer Mode (MTP) 2: Mass Storage Mode (MSC) I’ve already described these two options, so that you can choose one of them and you’re finished. Sharing is caringSo, Share it on Social Media

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