Remove OPPO password and unlock pattern Oppo A37, F1s, A1601


Remove OPPO password and unlock pattern Oppo A37, F1s, A1601 Remove OPPO password, or unlock pattern can be done easily, in the previous post, we learned how to reset the new and set up Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus pattern, let’s focus on OPPO, In case you open the OPPO password In case you’re unable to disable it, then you need to be worried, first of all, try removing this password or unlocking pattern to harass your oppo smartphone To Reset.

How to fix all the Xiaomi-trapped MI logos Latest innovation: OPPO F5, F3, F1, F1 Plus, A339, A38 unlock pattern method Unlock without downloading any firmware, use simple NCK software, and you’ve done . [Click here]

Note: In case you don’t want to bypass google account or FRP protection on OPPO device [click here] Hard reset OPPO is simple, just follow the steps below.

Remove Oppo Password, Unlock Pattern, Oppo A37 Password, Unlock Oppo FRP Press “Power button + Volume down button” to go to Recovery mode Select language “English” Select “Install from storage device”. (In case there is no option to erase the data then look for another) Select “erase data” rather than above. ☁ Now, “Reboot” your device. In case after the hard disk, you’re facing the same problem then let’s look for another method. In case you’re unable to go into recovery mode, follow this step to remove OPPO password or to get back Oppo F1s, A1601, A37.

Let’s start to remove the OPPO password:

Note: In case you want to unlock Oppo pattern lock without downloading the firmware [click here]

To fix the Oppo issue, you need all of these:

Download the firmware (OPPO A37fW).

Step: To Install firmware via laptop / desktop. OP to connect your OPPO mobile thorugh desktop to data cable.

Note: In case your device vibrates after only “OPPO A37” shines, then I’d prefer to download the “OPPO A37FW FImRE” and flash with it. After the Flash OPPO A37 see only details on fixing the vibration [click here] OPPO A37fw firmware

OPPO How to Remove Password:

OP “OPPO A37 Firmware” download and remove Go to Ext Extracted Folder, and open “MSM8x390downloadtool.exe” from there. ☁ you’ll have a Pop-up window of MSM tool. Remove Oppo Password, Unlock Pattern, Oppo A37 Password, Unlock Oppo FRP Now to connect via PC via USB cable to PC “Stop OFPO” mobile. “insert the USB cable into your OPPO device while inserting” Volume Up and Down Key “. ☁ After connecting OPPO, click “Start” from “MSM Software” as shown in the (find below screenshot).

Note: you’ll get “disk device” in “device type”, it’s evidence that OPPO is successfully connected. “MSM Software” will take 5-6 minutes to complete its downloading progress.

☁ After 5-6 minutes, you’ll see there, “USB download complete”. ☁ Now, disconnect your oppo device, and your flashing has removed the password to OPPO. OP switch to your OPPO device, it will take several minutes to start. ☁ Now, you’ve successfully unlocked your OPPO device.

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Note: In case you’re unable to unlock OPPO pattern, try this latest NOV-017 method [click here]


1. Download and remove MSM software in your PC and open it. 2. Press both the volume up and down key of the OPPO device and then insert the USB cable on your OPPO device. 3. Wait a few minutes until you connect successfully, then click “Start” from MSM Software. After downloading the progress you’ve done Now, and after that disconnected oppo, turn on and on.

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