To unlock Password OnePlus 5T by hard reset, remove the screen lock

To unlock Password OnePlus 5T by hard reset, remove the screen lock Do you’ve 5T OnePlus password, or lock this patern lock screen? In case you’ve forgotten, you can easily unlock the password, plus a Plus 5T can hardly reset your device to a hard after you reset your new screen lock on your OnePlus 5T.


Caution: This method is only for devices. Let’s Start Unlock Password Plus 5T: Turn off your device by pressing the power “power key”. After the device is completely shut down, Now, you need to reboot your device in fastboot mode.

Step: Recovery mode, press and hold (section UP + Power key) simultaneously until you see “Recovery mode” to enter on your screen OnePlus 5T.

Note: don’t issue keys until you enter recovery mode.

Step: Now, press the (Volume UP) key, select the “Recovery mode” option. Tap on “Forget Password” from the lower right corner screen.


Step: ok after Step: ok ➔ ok 5T OnePlus Password Unlock, Hard Reset 5T OnePlus Unlock Pin OnePlus 5T Extract Pattern Lock OnePlus 5T

Remember: you’ll lose your data, so it’s better to delete your SD card before unlock password OnePlus 5T. unInstall password OnePlus 5T will take a few minutes to unlock.Full initial setup for setting up a new password for your OnePlus device.

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